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Ian Mulholland

Director of Justice

Welcome to the recruitment site for Interserve’s justice business.

We’re looking to add to the team and have some fantastic roles that we believe you will find interesting.

Our aim is to rehabilitate ex-offenders. We believe this is the best way to protect the public from further crime. Probation is a challenging profession, but it is also tremendously rewarding to support people to make positive changes to their lives.

We are committed to building a great work environment, which in turn creates a positive experience for our service users.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Message from Ian Our Values

Our Future
Their Future. Your Future.

In 2015 we won a bid to transform probation services across five areas in England. Since then we’ve not looked back.We’re changing people’s lives for the better, working with service users in a different, more personalised way and liberating staff from their desks and paperwork by streamlining processes and making better use of community facilities. Our vision is to have a whole system approach to supporting safer communities and preventing crime by stimulating new approaches to reduce re-offending at a local level.

We’re very passionate about redefining the future for people and places, not just for service users and the community, but for you too. For example, we’re forging ahead with a brand new CRC-specific senior rehabilitation practitioner qualification which means more doors will open for highly experienced and able staff to fulfil their career aspirations in probation.

With the help of our colleagues and partner agencies including the Police, Child Protection and Social Services, we’ve learnt and achieved so much but now, with new technology in place and by focusing on making sure our workforce have the right mix of skills and knowledge to make our vision a reality, we can start towards providing an even better service and we’d love you to join us.

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Their Future. Your Future.


Case Manager

“I hadn’t previously thought much about my career development…, but I was encouraged to think further ahead to management and leadership role, what roles within the company might suit me, and how I could get there. It gave me space to think about development in a way that valued all the different roles I could move in to and recognised how they contribute to the business. My career aspirations are around practice development and this was respected as much as those who aspired to more strategic leadership roles.”


Case Manager

“When I found out that I had been nominated for the Interserve Talent Development Programme, I was elated. It felt good to be recognised for my achievements and ambitions and to be supported by the senior management team. I am now coming to the end of the programme and it’s been fantastic. I’ve gained insight into another area of the business, I’ve tried new things and expanded my skillset. I now have a large support network, plenty of contacts, new friends and a level 5 qualification.”

Case Manager - Probation

Are you someone who loves to challenge the norm, change things for the better and really make a genuine difference? Then consider a job in probation.

What's involved in the job?

There are many facets to being a great Case Manager but ultimately it boils down to your ability to build rapport and facilitate change, however intensive or flexible that needs to be. You’ll engage with lower to medium-risk service users to ensure they understand and comply with their court requirements, as well as motivate them to make positive life choices. You’ll deliver a mixture of group-work and motivational techniques to do this, whilst also checking-in with them regularly on a one to one basis to offer support and signpost personal and community-based opportunities to learn and give back.

Who you’ll be.

Whatever job history you’ve got, your aptitude for creating personal plans and facilitating well-being and social inclusion will definitely be called upon, as will your people skills and ability to engage with vulnerable or at-risk people. But some of the most important qualities stem from life skills - we’ll be looking for people who are resilient, with an empathetic, committed, innovative, tenacious and supportive approach, and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure our service users are empowered to go out and live a purposeful life.

Your tools for success.

We will support you every step of the way, so alongside a comprehensive training programme we’ll supply you with a new laptop and smart phone, facilitating an agile working practice so you can meet the needs of our service users as best you can – even if that means working outside of normal office hours.

Our employees have been instrumental in making the service transformation work and we’re appreciative of their dedication, input and knowledge now and going forward. So we listen, always.

Join us on our journey today.

Starting salary from c.£22,000 p.a.

Closing Date for applications: Monday 18 September at 9am.
Interviews will be held between: Monday 9 October and Friday 20 October.

Senior Case Manager - Probation

What we'll expect.

As you’ll know first-hand, helping someone turn their life around is immensely rewarding, especially with the harder to reach, higher risk and more complex cases which you’ll be supervising to enforce the sentence of the court. Using the Interchange Model you’ll complete assessments, apply risk management principles, plan supervision and deliver specialist interventions to help our service users make their lives the best they can.

In terms of the bigger picture, you’ll also be pivotal to the success of your team - using your experience and knowledge to solve problems and improve ways of working, coaching and mentoring case managers to help them meet the rehabilitation goals of their own cases, whilst fostering good working relationships with partner suppliers and community resources. Your experience and connections may mean that you’re able to recognise and develop non-core probation opportunities that service users can benefit from, which we’ll wholeheartedly support.

It’s a challenging job, but also rewarding and stimulating which you’ll thrive on.

What you can expect.

To help you adapt to the new way of working, we will support you every step of the way with an excellent mentorship programme. We’ll also supply you with a new laptop and smartphone, facilitating an agile/flexible working practice so you can meet the needs of our service users as best you can – even if that means working outside of standard office hours, so the arangement is beneficial to both you and the service users. We’re always willing to listen to your ideas about developing the services we offer outside of core probation work.

For your personal career aspirations, we’re there for you too, offering chances to flex, learn and hone your skills in other areas of their business. We’ll listen to what you want from the organisation and promote beneficial training and development opportunities to make sure you excel as a probation professional with Interserve.

Join us on our journey today and fulfil your own career aspirations.

Starting salary from c.£29,000 p.a.

Closing Date for applications: Monday 18 September at 9am.
Interviews will be held between: Monday 9 October and Friday 20 October.

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